Step into beautifoot and Love your feet again!

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I do not consider beautifoot™ to be a new creation in our industry. Actually, it is one of those products that had been lost in the shuffle…. However, there are very few things that WOW me when I use them, this product did just that and got me excited!

It is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Put your clean dry foot in the pouch, cover with an old sock, and go about your business for 90 minutes.
  2. Wash your feet. You’re done!!!
  3. Now, simply watch the skin literally peel away 5 – 7 days later.

This product is an easy sell in your office. If you want to try it, just send me an email ( I will help you get started and answer your questions.

Below you will find the basic Q&A. Check it out….

What is beautifoot™?
beautifoot™ peel is an easy 90 minute treatment, used at home, to naturally exfoliate the dry and cracked skin from your feet 5-7 days after application. The single use package contains one pair of booties, prefilled with a natural plant extract solution that will cause the older, drier skin to painlessly peel away to reveal healthy supple skin.

Why should I use beautifoot™?
beautifoot™ is a safe, effective, easy 3 step treatment, (applying, soaking and rinsing) to remove dry, dead skin cells from the soles of the feet. Not only for exfoliation, but to maintain healthy feet!

Who should use beautifoot™?
Both adult women and men that have dry, cracked and tired feet can benefit from beautifoot™ pedi-peel.

How does beautifoot™ work?
The skin on the palms and the soles of the feet are the thickest skin on the body, the heel portion of the foot being the thickest. Some people tend to have naturally dry skin that predisposes them to cracks. beautifoot™ penetrates into the skin, promoting easy painless peeling.
Why do we get dry cracked heels?
Neglect, exposure to the elements (walking barefoot), improper fitting shoes, impact caused by exercise and normal wear and tear.
How does beautifoot™ differ from a pedicure?
beautifoot™ is convenient, no appointment necessary! It is a highly effective exfoliant without trauma or the risk of infection. That’s the beauti of beautifoot™!
How soon do I see results?
After a 90 minute application, your feet will feel noticeably softer. Over the next few days, your feet will begin to naturally exfoliate, painlessly, for the next 3-7 days revealing soft supple soles.
Should I apply moisturizer during the peeling process?
It is recommended to avoid moisturizer for 1 week after the feet begin to peel.
Can I walk around or do I need to remain SEATED during the 90 minute treatment?
If you choose to walk around during the treatment simply apply a pair of socks over the prefilled booties.
Who should NOT use beautifoot™?
Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if infection, rash or open sores exist on feet.
Will beautifoot™ effect the nail polish on my toenails?
The fruit acids in beautifoot™ may have a dulling effect on the glossiness of nail polish.
I have very sensitive skin. Can I use beautifoot™?
beautifoot™ is not recommended for anyone with extremely sensitive skin or allergies to fruit acids. Self-patch testing can be done before treatment.
My feet have started to peel. Can I use a pumice stone or other tool to assist in the remaining removal of skin?
Allow peeling to occur naturally.  A wet washcloth or sponge may be used in a gentle circular motion during normal bathing. It is not advisable to use a pumice stone or other sharp device during the peeling period.
How often do I repeat beautifoot pedi-peel?
The beautifoot™ pedi-peel can be used every other month to maintain results.